Drifting has consequences

What is drifting?

In the personal development world, drifting is the term used to describe someone who is just going with the flow. A person who has no purpose, other than to make it to retirement, would be said to be drifting. Leaders in the personal development field say that describes 98% of the population.

In the world of psychology that same tendency is referred to as the Law of Human Inertia, a take-off from the first Law of Motion in Physics. Human Inertia describes someone who has established a life trajectory and continues on that course unless acted on by a greater force.

In the Christian world, that tendency is called conforming. Paul tells us to not be conformed to the world but to transform into someone better by renewing our minds. This will lead you to the perfect will of God for your life.


For most, the consequence of drifting is to make it to the end of life not knowing why you lived. Some call it, “never having sung your song.” Real fulfillment in life escapes them. Sadly, that is what most people expect.

But for some, the consequences are more in line with the cartoon at the top of this post. If you are not plotting your own course through life the chances are very good that you could follow everybody else right over a cliff. Whether it is eating the wrong food that leads to an illness or obesity, following bad career advice or doing what everybody else does with their money, going with the flow is rarely a good idea.


The problem is that drifting, human inertia, or conforming to the world is easy. Most of us do it subconsciously, and some do it on purpose. It is normal.

Breaking free from drifting takes a catalyst. Something or someone comes along to wake us up to a better way. The personal development people will tell you that force is usually some kind of tragedy that makes you hit rock bottom. In physics, inertia is overcome by an equal or greater force acting in whatever direction you are going. And in Christianity, you can only transform with the power of the Holy Spirit.

The point is that no one just stops drifting. It takes effort.

Make 2023 the year you stop drifting

I have declared war on drifting this year. How do you do that? Well, it is easier than you might imagine. You need to use your Authenticity Advantage, and the key to that is discovering your GIFT.

Are you ready to find your GIFT and use your Authenticity Advantage? You don’t need to be the black sheep of the family, but you do need to become your best self.

You can start by joining the conversation.


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