An Engagement Survey is a way for an organization to discover what employees think of their organization. It helps to determine if people are using their talent at work or just collecting a pay check.

According to Gallup, fully two thirds of employees in the US are not engaged. Worse that that is the number of employees who have never been offered the opportunity to submit an engagement survey. Regardless of whether the organization is too busy for surveys, they don’t know they exist, or they just don’t care what employees think the end result is the same…confusion.

If your organization doesn’t ask for employee feedback, then they probably assume nothing is wrong. But is that correct, or as the picture above shows, are they just poking their head in the sand because they don’t want to deal with reality?

So, when is the last time you took an engagement survey? And if you have taken one, what were the results?

Please comment because I’d really like to know.


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