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TBD is an acronym that means several things on this podcast:

  • The DecisionThe Big Decision (TBD)/ To Be Determined (TBD)
  • The Trap – Transition By Default (TBD)
  • The Solution – Transformation By Design (TBD)

TBD Careers is a podcast for those who are transitioning careers.

On the TBD Careers Podcast you will hear interviews from all walks of life discussing their transition story. You will hear the good, the bad, and the ugly truths of transitioning careers.

We will talk you through the three stages of successful career transitions.

  1. The DecisionThe Big Decision (TBD) is that you either decide it is time for a new career, or the decision is made for you. Now what? Your next career is To Be Determined (TBD)
  2. The Trap – The trap that you may fall into is to end up doing Transition By Default (TBD), meaning you let someone else (TAP, a head-hunter, or your buddies) make your career decisions. You end doing what you have always done, and taking whatever jobs are available for which you have experience.
  3. The Solution – The solution is to begin a Transformation By Design (TBD), meaning you choose your next career based on what you were born to do. You discover and use your Authenticity Advantage.

Join us as we discuss the how-tos of Transformation By Design (TBD).

If you are ready to pursue The Solution (as mentioned above), then check out my solutions page.

Please also check out the RESOURCES page for help you may not find anywhere else.

You may also want to get my book, Use Your Authenticity Advantage, because pretending is exhausting.


Available on Spotify