Your 2023 resolution

An idea for your 2023 New Years Resolution

The week between Christmas and New Years is always a time of reflection of the year gone by and looking forward to the year ahead. It is when many people set resolutions. So, if you are a resolution kind of person, let me offer you an idea for 2023. Make this the year you decide to unleash your best self.

How do you do that?

Somewhere inside, you know there is a better of version of you–the you God created you to be. But how do you find that person and let them out? Good question, right?

I suggest you begin by finding the real you. Now before you dismiss that idea, very few people really know themselves. The person they know is actually a version of what others have told them they are, or worse yet, a version of someone they are trying to be. In a word, most of us go through life FAKING.

Sometimes we are faking on purpose, and sometimes we do it subconsciously. Regardless, the person you are pretending to be will never be as good as the person you were created to be. There is a real advantage to you resolving to become your best self, and I call it the Authenticity Advantage.

It is a process.

Unleashing your best self is a process that anyone, yes even you, can follow. Why would you want to? Well, because

  • It is fun,
  • It is less effort (pretending is exhausting),
  • You’ll make more money, and
  • You’ll have better relationships.

So why not start the process of unleashing your best self in 2023?

Learn more and join the conversation.

Happy New Year!

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